Christmas -- Impossible made possible.

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Christmas- the impossible made possible p.m. Dec. 20,'15
Luke 1:26-38 FBC, Ada

I. Christmas teaches that nothing is impossible. Luke 1:34-37

    A. Jesus born of a virgin. Luke 1:37

    B. Is anything too hard for the Lord? Genesis 18:13-14

        1. Is it too hard to make the earth rotate backwards? 2 Kings 20:8-11

        2. Is it too hard to calm the storms? Mark 4:35-41

        3. Is it too hard to put a bank in a fish's mouth? Matthew 17:24-27

        4. Is it too hard to clothe you? Matthew 6:28-33

        5. Is it too hard to heal the worst of all sickness? Mark 1:40-42

II. Learn the lesson of Christmas and let God do the impossible for you. Luke 1:37-38

    A. Let God save you by grace. Ephesians 2:8-9

        1. Receive the gift of God. Romans 6:23

        2. Through Jesus. Acts 4:12

    B. Jesus the only way. John 14:6

    C. Confess Jesus as Lord. Romans 10:9-10

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