No More Sea

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No more sea. --- P.M. April 10,'16

Revelation 21:1 --- FBC, Ada

I. Why is there no more sea on the new earth? Revelation 21:1

    A. Water covers 71% of the Earth's surface, with 29% dry land left on surface.

II. In the Bible the sea is symbolic of the lost and evil. Matthew 13:47-50

    A. The beast (antichrist) comes out of the sea (people). Revelation 13:1

    B. The woman on the beast with a multitude of lost. Revelation 17:15

    C. The sea is troubled because of sin. Isaiah 57:20-21

    D. Christians in troubled seas. Matthew 14:22-33, Matthew 8:24, James 1:6

III. On the new earth no more sea. Revelation 21:1

    A. No more devil, doubts, or sins. Revelation 21:4

    B. Only righteous people will dwell there. 2 Peter 3:11, Revelation 21:8

    C. All things are new. Revelation 21:5

IV. Is Jesus your Lord? Romans 10:8-11

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