The Love of a Father

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The Love of a Father --- P.M. June 19,'16

Mark 5:21-24 --- FBC, Ada

I. Jairus' daughter sick Mark 5:21-24

    A. His daughter died Mark 5:35-43

II. A father with a demoniac son Mark 9:17-27

    A. Love with tears of belief Mark 9:23-24

III. Prodigal son's father Luke 15:20-24

IV. A father's son sick unto death John 4:46-47

    A. Come help my son John 4:48-49

    B. A father's belief John 4:50-53

V. Our Heavenly Father's love for us John 3:16

    A. What manner of love. 1 John 3:1-2

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