Gates of Hell

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Gates of Hell --- P.M. March 26

Matthew 16:16-18 --- FBC, Ada

I. Peter said Jesus was the Christ..... Matthew 16:16

    A. Jesus told Peter that God revealed that to him. Matthew 16:17

    B. Jesus calls him "petros" (Peter) a small stone. Matthew 16:18

II. The Church at war with Hell. Matthew 16:18

    A. The church is built on "petra" a bolder. Matthew 16:18

        1. The bolder is the statement Peter made. Matthew 16:16

    B. The gates of hell cannot stand against the church.

    C. Be a good soldier of Jesus 2 Timothy 2:3

        1. Endure hardness 2 Timothy 2:3

        2. Do not entangle with the affairs of this life 2 Timothy 2:4

        3. Crucified to the world Galatians 6:14

        4. Do it right 2 Timothy 2:5

    D. Fight against Satan & spiritual wickedness Ephesians 6:10-13

    . E. Go and knock the gates of Hell down and bring fruit. John 15:16

III. Go where?...(to all nations) Matthew 28:18-20

    A. Go your lambs Luke 10:1-3

    B. Go home to thy friends Luke 8:35-40

IV. How long do we fight hell?

    A. Until no one is left Isaiah 6:8, 11

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