Prophecy of Budding of the Fig Tree.

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Budding of the Fig Tree --May 21, '17

Matthew 24:32-36 -- FBC, Ada

IV. Budding of the Fig Tree Matthew 24:32-35

    A. The parable of the fig tree. Matthew 24:32-36

        1. The last generation. Matthew 24:34, Numbers 14:33-34

    B. The stamps of Israel

        1. The Fig Tree Stamp Song of Solomon 2:13

        2. Postage stamps of Israel letter and Catalogue.

        3. Symbolic stamp.

    C. The four Festival Stamps with scriptures on the tabs.

        1. The Lily of the valleys - Jesus Song of Solomon

        2. The garden of nuts Song of Solomon 6:11

        3. The fig tree Song of Solomon 2:13

        4. The Dove Song of Solomon 2:14

    E. How the land of Israel was. Numbers 13:27 and 23

    F. The land of Israel became desolate until 1948.

    G. The land of Israel would be plowed. Ezekiel 36:34

        1. Since 1948, 21% is cultivated, 6% in Forest and 7% in pastures.

        2. By 2004 Israel produced over 498 million dollars in field crops.

    H. The land would become as the Garden of Eden. Ezekiel 36:35

    I . The land would be better than at their beginnings. Ezekiel 36:8-11

        1. In 2011 Israel produced over 2 billion dollars of fruit.

        2. Lemons 4.4 pounds each.

    J. Fill the world with fruit. Isaiah 27:6

        1. In 2004 Israel exported over 1 billion dollars of fruit.

        2. $61 million in bananas

        3. $53 million in oranges

    K. In 2004 Israel exported 116,000 tons of wheat.

    L. Israel's stamp "Conquest of the desert" Isaiah 35:1

    M. Planting and harvesting at the same time. Amos 9:13

    N. The fig tree is past budding. Song of Solomon 2:13

    O. It is time for the Rapture. 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17

    P. Are you ready for the Rapture? Romans 10:8-11

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