Nahum 1-3

3 D’s of Destruction

I. Introduction: Nahum 1:1

    A. Destruction of Nineveh

II. Nineveh’s Destruction Decreed: Nahum 1:2–15

    A. The Goodness & Severity of the Lord: Nahum 1:2–8

         1.The Attributes of God:

              a. “God is jealous” Nahum 1:2

              b. “The Lord revengeth” Nahum 1:2

              c. “The Lord is slow to anger” Nahum 1:3

              d. “The Lord is great in power” Nahum 1:3-6

              e. “The Lord is good” Nahum 1:7

              f. “The Lord is a strong hold” Nahum 1:7

    B. Nineveh’s Overthrow: Nahum 1:9-14

    C. Judah’s Joy: Nahum 1:15

III. Nineveh’s Destruction Described: Nahum 2:1–13

    A. Description of siege of Nineveh: Nahum 2:1–10

    B. Nineveh’s destruction Contrasted with her Former Glory: Nahum 2:11–13

IV. Nineveh’s Destruction Deserved: Nahum 3:1–19

    A. Nineveh’s Sin: Nahum 3:1–4

    B. Nineveh’s Doom Sealed: Nahum 3:5–19


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